• Eddie Redmayne and Nicole Kidman wearing Omega replica watches •

• Eddie Redmayne and Nicole Kidman wearing Omega watches • attend the 22nd session of the US Screen Actors Guild Awards


22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony (SAG Awards) in January this year in Los Angeles, fashion celebrities from the film and television industry have dressed appearance.


That night, Omega replica celebrity ambassadors • Eddie Redmayne wore a black dress, wearing wrist Omega Constellation watch Pa statue adds to its restrained and elegant style.

Omega vintage replica watches


• Eddie Redmayne has repeatedly wear this watch to attend major awards event, it seems Omega Constellation watch Pa statue has become the love of the handsome actor choice.


Omega Constellation watch Pa statue in 2015 launched the world’s first to attain chronometer. Eddie handpicked this classic replica watch with a beautiful blue dial with blue leather strap.


Simple design, innovative technology and classic look make this watch become available when any honorable terms occasions to wear treasures.


Another Omega celebrity ambassadors • Nicole Kidman is also an elegant gesture stunning debut, outside a wrist exquisite antique table Omega bright.

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To celebrate this event, the Oscar-winning actress chose one from 1952 Omega “concealed jewelry watches”, inlaid with hundreds of pieces of high-quality Wesselton baguette on white gold case and bracelet watch shaped cut, full cut and brilliant-cut diamonds shine in.


A closer look, you’ll find it with chi engrave exquisite decorative silver dial with gold hour markers arc and foliate gold pointer above. This watch also has double-lock, equipped with 211 movement.


This is not the first time Nicole Kidman • Omega vintage replica watches worn red carpet, she has always been in love with the brand unparalleled antique timepieces, often wear them to attend major film event. Omega is concerned, no one is more perfect than her impressions of these timepieces Pierre.

Omega replica 2016 Valentine’s Day gift passion

Valentine charm

That his soft love and bouquets

But if love can be measured time

Every hour, every minute, every second

Then the most permanent love

That is my admiration for you

On the dial as Ω

Located beneath midnight

Between nine forty-five

Although the hand of fate

I can not control

Your light still shining like a diamond

Your body comparable to gold shine

Tide of

Parting of the moment

Bearing in mind that in the eternal melodies

Your heart

I will be very good, Valentine

Even romantic moments away

All my love will also continue

From today to forever

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Omega replica Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 meters, “to attain coaxial” 41.5 mm watch
This sophisticated watch inspired by love of the sea, its iconic dial design reminiscent of the teak deck luxury yacht. This series of watches lacquered gray dial polished by the sun rays, decorated with teak at 3 o’clock with its concept of a representative of a vertical texture, calendar window, wear-resistant sapphire crystal dial unique to this end to provide comprehensive protection.41.5 mm watch with stainless steel case with 18K red gold bezel, with 18K red magic bracelet. The certification was awarded the chronometer equipped with Omega 8500 “to attain coaxial” movement, can resist more than 15,000 Gauss magnetic field, the movement clearly visible through the transparent case back.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 meters, “to attain coaxial” 38.5 mm ladies watch
Seamaster Aqua Terra watch is stylish and elegant and yet dynamic vitality, specifically for advocating active lifestyle, those who love travel DEDECATES. This gorgeous watch with mother of pearl dial set with 11 diamond hour markers on the 18K gold vaulted brackets. The 38.5 mm 18K red gold ladies watch with diamond bezel, with a white leather strap with a pearl luster. Internal watch equipped with a revolutionary Omega 8501 “to attain coaxial” movement, can resist the strong magnetic field of more than 15,000 Gauss. For Pierre timepiece lovers, this gorgeous sophisticated watch will make you irresistible.

Omega Flower Series luxury jewelry
For the hope that never withered flowers to convey love tempting couples who, Omega replica watch Flower series of luxury jewelry is a perfect choice. Jewelry design ingenuity, red gold and mother of pearl mix of imaginative, while the Omega brand identity “Ω” overlap to form flower pattern, bursting out with infinite grace and power.

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Omega Constellation watch the world’s first statue of tyrants to attain chronometer
The world’s first to attain chronometer through industry-leading standards of professional testing and certification. This watch is really coveted. It uses 18K Sedna ™ gold case with a groove bezel, silver and cream “pie plate” of the dial is a classic design features draw inspiration from 1952’s first constellation watch. Constellation star emblem flag, pointer and hour markers also uses Sedna ™ gold to build, and covered with Super-LumiNova luminous coating. Mosaic in the center of the table back 18K Sedna ™ badge and matching gold Observatory brown leather strap, so this watch even more refined and elegant style. Moreover, Pa statue called the fine watch inside the same model, equipped with Omega 8901 “to attain coaxial” movement.

Omega De Ville Ladymatic watches
Omega De Ville Ladymatic replica watches was born in 1955, six years, this watch always exudes charm, filling its internally and externally temperament model. This watch with stainless steel case, with the 18K Sedna ™ made of gold and stainless steel, with corrugated metal bracelet frosted edge more visible dazzling. Polishing α-shaped hands and 11 hours scale also uses Sedna ™ gold, inlaid with diamonds hour markers. Pearl white mother of pearl dial endless shining light, also paved bezel “snowflake mosaic” of diamonds, polished crown set with a separate “Omega brilliant-cut” diamonds. The timing Pierre equipped with Omega 8520 coaxial movement.

Breitling replica Beijing Yintai in88 shop opening shock

December 20, 2015, known as “the world’s aviation industry official supplier” of the famous Swiss watch brand Breitling replica sale in88 officially arrived in Beijing Yintai Department Store. Breitling store as a second outlets in Beijing, is a brand new resident of the territory, which is located in set fashion tastes and trends in88 art in one of Intime Department Store, next to many of the world’s top brands, highlighting the Breitling as “Modern Chronograph pioneer” extraordinary vision and unique brand personality.

Walk mall entrance you can see the Breitling iconic yellow brand LOGO, conspicuous and atmosphere. Interior design shop Breitling has consistently uphold the fine modern style, bright glass showcase deeply embedded within natural Quadrillo handmade wooden walls, and Breitling classic yellow elements together to create a passionate, yet elegant and refined shopping atmosphere. The time is Christmas, the shop is more refined and decorated with rich holiday dress flight characteristics. Store in pieces precise works Smart light shine, showing an inheritance and innovation of blending time promenade. In future, more new products will also be introduced Breitling landing, to bring customers more choices.

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As technical experts replica watch, Breitling, with its accurate and reliable, superior quality of precision instruments, in the long journey of the human conquest of the sky, and witnessed countless brilliant moments. On the opening day, Breitling classic flight track more extended to the bustling Wangfujing Street, a 1: 1 ratio to create original Breitling Jets strong landing model, the unique culture and over 130 years of flight-old Swiss watchmaking skills to Beijing Wangfujing full of human feelings. Jets model with a strong visual impact immediately attracted a lot of attention, allowing site visitors to feel close Breitling extraordinary fortitude unique, magnificent.

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In addition, the shop is also filled with a strong culture of flight. Hanging on the walls of New York’s famous pop artist Kevin T. Kelly flight theme paintings, with their strong colors, bold style, exaggerated composition, the perfect interpretation of the Breitling has always been bold and exquisite modern style. Welcome to the Breitling replica world!

Swiss replica watches TAG Heuer aims to outsmart Apple Replica Watch with the Connected Watch

TAG Heuer aim to succeed where Apple stumbled with its new Connected watch. John Arlidge assesses its chances

TAG Heuer are at the forefront of traditional replica watches charge to challenge Apple on its own terms

When a popular electronics company based in Cupertino launched a digital watch last year, posh Swiss replica watches scoffed.

Stephane Linder, then chief executive of TAG Heuer, the venerable brand owned by LVMH, the world’s largest luxury goods group, told the Evening Standard that the Apple replica watch was “not a luxury product”.

He explained: “Luxury is about being unique and rare. At $350, the Apple watch looks more mass market. Luxury is about longevity. A smart watch will be outdated and replaced every year.

“Luxury is about ease and elegance. There is nothing easy and elegant about carrying around another charger. Oh my God!” TAG Heuer had no plans to make a smart watch, he added.

What a difference a year — and a change of CEO — makes. In New York on Monday Jean-Claude Biver, the new boss of TAG Heuer, took to the stage with Bernard Arnault, le patron of LVMH and the richest man in France, to unveil the TAG Heuer Connected Watch, with, yes, a new charger.

“This is a milestone for us and for the Swiss replica watch industry — the marriage of Switzerland’s watch valley and Silicon Valley. The Swiss watch industry is connected to the future,” Biver bellowed in his trademark bombastic style, before cutting up a giant cheese from his own farm in Switzerland and handing out slabs to bemused-looking journalists and fashion folk.

At first glance, Biver’s timing looks as lousy as his cheese is excellent. Apple won’t say how many replica watches it has sold but analysts and casual observers — look at the wrists of people in your office or on the train you take to work — say it’s far fewer than the firm had hoped.

The iPhone it certainly ain’t. It’s a brave man who says “I can do what the most successful consumer electronics firm ever can’t” but Biver is convinced he has created the first smart watch that will have mass appeal. The funny thing is, he might be right.

Biver has studied the Apple replica watches closely — he has five — and has addressed what he regards as its shortcomings. First and most important, “it’s a watch, not a computer on your wrist,” he says.

It certainly looks like a replica watch. It comes from the Carrera family of TAG Heuers, so is round. The dial is digital but looks analogue, with hour and minute markings and even shadows under the hands in bright light. It is always on, with the hands turning.

By contrast, the Apple replica watch is square and only turns itself on when you turn your wrist to your face, so you walk around most of the time with an inert, black slab of glass on your wrist that critics say is far from chic.

Blueprint for a breakthrough: “It’s a replica watch, not a computer on your wrist”

“I said to my team, ‘If the Connected Watch looks like the Connected Watch and not a watch, then we have failed’,” Biver says. “I wore the Connected Watch for three weeks before the launch and I’m glad to say no one spotted it was a Connected Watch.”

Critics say the Apple watch is hard to use. The icons are too small to read, even on the larger of the two models. Using the crown to help to navigate is remarkably fiddly for the company that popularised touch-screen computing with the iPhone and the iPad.

By contrast, the TAG Heuer Connected Watch is instantly easy to understand and operate. A few taps and swipes take you to your Calendar, email, messages and key apps. The large screen is easy to read.

The Connected Watch does a lot untethered to your mobile phone, unlike the Apple watch which only really works when you have your iPhone with you. Calendar, email and messages are cached and generate alerts even if your phone is switched off. Music can be downloaded and streamed via Bluetooth headphones.

Better still, the Connected Watch has its own wifi connector, unlike the Apple replica watch. That means that provided you keep your mobile phone connected to wifi or the GSM network — say in your office, home or hotel room — you can use all the functions of the watch on any wifi network you encounter.

That enables you to go out and relax, say by the pool, without taking your phone, safe in the knowledge that you won’t miss anything important.

And it does not matter if your mobile is an iPhone or a Samsung, Nexus or HTC or any other handset that runs on Google’s Android operating system. The Connected Watch, that comes with 4G of memory and textured rubber or leather straps, works with both iOS and Android.

After Apple was lambasted for offering less than a day’s battery life, TAG Heuer, aided by chip-maker Intel, says it has ensured that most users will have around 30 per cent charge left at the end of a 16-hour day.

Tag knows the last thing any of us wants to carry around is another bulky charger, so it has made its Connected Watch charger light and very small.

The Apple replica watch has been marketed largely towards women, leaving many men feeling it is too feminine. Three-quarters of TAG Heuer’s sales are to men and Biver has deliberately made the Connected Watch “larger than it strictly needs to be to accommodate the electronics” — 46mm to be precise — to appeal to men.

“It is a big, strong, sexy statement,” he says. Yet it is still light, thanks to its titanium body. A smaller Connected Watch for women will be launched next year.

Of all the criticisms of the Apple replica watch, perhaps the most pertinent is that while Apple claims it is a luxury product — it hired former Burberry boss Angela Ahrendts, and former Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve to create special luxury sections of its Apple stores and allowed modish retailers, notably Colette in Paris and Selfridges in London to replica watches sale — it is not because it is outdated the moment you buy it and has to be thrown away when a new better model arrives every two years.

Privately, Jony Ive and Marc Newson, the designers of the Apple watch who are both lovers of traditional mechanical replica watches that get better and more cherished with age, admit they have no real answer to this question.

The same could easily apply to the Connected Watch but Biver has leveraged his firm’s watch-making history to find a neat solution. When a new model of the Connected Watch comes out, owners can pay to have TAG Heuer install a mechanical movement to convert their old Connected Watch into a traditional Carrera.

“The TAG Heuer Connected watch gives you the means not only to connect to the future, but also to connect to eternity,” Biver says. “A computer company cannot do that because they do not have the movement.”

Converting a Connected Watch into a mechanical one “will end up costing only $200 more than if you had bought a mechanical Carrera to start with,” Biver says.

To drive home its luxury pedigree, the Connected Watch is reassuringly expensive. It starts at £110, compared with as little as £30 for the Apple watch. New red gold models for men and women will come soon and will cost around £700.

The Connected Watch, which goes on sale in two weeks, is not perfect. Although it works with iOS, it works better with an Android phone. Crucially, while you receive all messages and alerts via an iPhone, you cannot respond to anything other than Gmail.

At the launch, nobody, not even the cocksure Biver, seemed sure whether you can swim in it or not. That’s not good enough for the most sporty watch brand on the market. How easy it is to read the screen in bright sunlight remains to be seen. Battery life also awaits the crucial real-world consumer test.

Although receiving alerts and messages is simple, responding to them is as tricky as it is on any tiny screen with no keyboard. Biver insists you can speak your response to an email or a text message but talking to your watch does not make you look like Dick Tracy. It makes you look like a dick.

And, for those who care about these things, it is not made in Switzerland, merely “assembled” there.

One thing, however, is certain. After all the hundreds of millions of dollars spent making and marketing the Apple watch, it has taken a good old-fashioned Swiss watchmaker to come up with the first desirable smart watch. Over to you, Apple, for the iWatch 2.

Moonwatch Only The ultimate Omega Replica Speedmaster Watches guide

— Several years in the making, this new book becomes the indisputable reference for all Omega Replica Speedmaster models.


Although their names may not be familiar as writers of horological reference works, Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquié have invested several years in the production of this consummate guide to one of the few genuine replica watches icons.

Calibres explained in the Moonwatch Only – the ultimate Omega Speedmaster Guide © Cheap Replica Watches UK

The Omega Replica Speedmaster needs little introduction, having secured its very own page in the history books when it was selected by NASA for use in its manned spaceflight programme. But the Moonwatch is only part of the varied history of the Speedmaster model, which traces its lineage back over 50 years, to the first model in 1957.

Dials referenced in the Moonwatch Only – the ultimate Omega Speedmaster guide © Designer Omega Replica Watches

Moonwatch Only catalogues over 125 models, covering all Speedmaster production since 1957, including limited and special editions, as well as projects and prototypes. It also analyses and codifies over 250 different components, from calibres to cases, bezels to bracelets, crown to crystal… and even the presentation boxes, using an original nomenclature developed by the authors. It is illustrated with over 1000 images, some of which have never before been published.

Moonwatch Only. The Ultimate Omega Replica Speedmaster Guide, by Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquié, is available in English, French and Italian, priced CHF 290 or €250 from Watchprint, the replica watch and jewellery bookstore.