Clash Royale Hack Guide for iOS Android users on (Advanced)

This hack guide provides you with extended tips on how to get maximum new and updated Clash Royale hack for 2017 . First, you must master the game Clash Royale. According to the foundations, it is time for progress.

How to use features in the new Clash Royale Hack?

Clash royale tipps advanced germanIt’s pretty easy if you know how to make a profit scheme. When to use a hack and specify what exactly the transferred resources. To save your time, you can only create jewels. If you have many jewels in your account, you can buy gold. In some cases, you only need to purchase gold for upgrades or rare purchases. Clash Royale Jewels Hack is also used for updating maps, buying giants, magical and super magical chests. In these chests you will find common, rare and epic maps. With enough resources, it is crucial whether you can get legendary chests. If you are on a higher level, you have more chance to get legendary cards. And legendary cards are the strongest cards you can get. The new features in Clash Royale Hack Online are about securing your account and saving time. The maximum number of precious stones you can transfer to your account is 100k.

You can even play the game like crazy for a week or two. You can play progressive in this case and collect as many cards as you can. You can try new map decks and see what is the best platform structure in general.

If you start chopping Clash Royale resources once, you will see how easily you can get some strong card decks.

With new jewels and gold hack features can build the strongest card decks

Some tests showed which card decks are most widely used. We will expand the knowledge here and give you additional tips to get much better results.

Recommendations for 3 separate decks are:

  • Most air ticket – airborne are 100% covered + ground protection.
  • Mostly ground maps – ground attacks are the strongest (This option means that deck is unprotected by enemy air attacks.) It is wise to cause damage to range maps such as rocket or fireball A higher level. These cards must do maximum damage.
  • Above all, building maps – building maps are fast and more resistant to attacks. Inclusion of fireballs and missiles is a must.
  • Mixed air and ground decks – cards in the deck are only ground and air attacking cards. This platform structure is the strongest because of the full air and ground covering.
  • Mixed air, ground and building maps – This structure is interesting and requires some time to master it. They can combine air raids and ground attacks.

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If you master all these 5 card platform masters and test, think you master Yodasind. But no, you are not. They can be even better. Let’s go a bit further.

Clash royale tips advanced

Advanced tips for advanced Clash Royale players

  1. If you know how much elixir your opponent will spend with each card. It means that you know what next card your opponent can play and when he can play. In some cases, you have the advantage of few seconds, which is enough to destroy one of the towers.
  2. Use the first phase of the game to learn what 8 cards your opponent has and how much they cost.
  3. Final and the most interesting tip of this hack guide is the time to consider and how you can bring your opponent to draw a certain card that you do not want it to have more.

If you can think about and practice anything, you can make the most of your Clash Royale game. Recommend these Clash Royale hack tips to your friends and good luck.